One Tree AT A Time

Who Are they?

They’re an organization that sees a different future. They are a team of mountain-lovers that care passionately about protecting our environment from climate change.

Wha they do?

In a nutshell, they help change habits. They help individuals and businesses make positive changes to their lives and operational practices. From their business pledges to their online store for repurposed gear; their work encourages and supports sustainable changes, big or small. They work collaboratively to find solutions to simple and complex problems. 

Their events and awareness campaigns connect a worldwide community of outdoor enthusiasts. With Climb It for Climate, they want to highlight the changes occurring in the mountains and spur our communities into taking action. The Fix-It Tour is all about making the most of what they’ve got, challenging the clothing industry. They repurpose and repair goods destined for landfills, breathing new life into clothing.

Why they do it?

It’s time to change!!!

Not next season, not tomorrow, but now. One Tree at a Time and Meriski witness first hand the impact on our mountains brought about by climate change. We need to step up to protect our mountain environments.

Meriski’s and Mathews Luxury Travel’s Contribution

We have partnered up with One Tree at a Time to make a contribution to the impact we are having on the environment in the mountains. We are training all our staff to make them aware of how they should adapt to making small changes in their daily routine in the resort. We have already handed down our old uniforms to be recycled and hope to make more contributions moving forward.