Do you feel physically ready for your ski holiday?

Do you feel your skiing could benefit from improved leg strength, balance and overall endurance?

We are working with Silas Cullen, an experienced coach with a background in physiology, injury prevention, rehabilitation and of course a huge passion for skiing. Silas can customise an Online Ski Fit programme to you, based on your exercise and injury history, skiing level and available time.

Preparing physically for your ski holiday will help insure you ski in control, for longer and on more challenging terrain if you so choose.  Possibly most importantly it will greatly reduce your risk of injury. Being fitter generally also positively impacts all areas of life.

This dynamic programme evolves as you go. If you choose to give feedback on the sessions the programme evolves and becomes more specific to you.
The programme runs from 8-12 weeks out, right up to your ski holiday and costs £149.

Please complete our online form to get started. We look forward to helping you have the best skiing experience possible during your stay in Méribel